PLR Grab, your complete private label resource!

We give you the flexibility of choosing your private label license. Personal private label or limited Extended Licenses available!

PLR License

Personal or Extended?

To provide our customers with the opportunity to design their own offers, we're offering two different private label licenses. We know that our customers have many different ideas of making money with our content, and we want to give you exactly what you need!

Choose between:

  • Personal Private Label
  • Extended Private Label

Personal Private Label License
With personal private label, you are able to use the websites, templates and content for your own personal use which means that you can sell the products, just not the licenses, rights or PLR to others.

Extended Private Label License
With Extended private label, you are given added flexibility with what you can do with our packages, including selling personal (non-transferable) private label to your customers and more!

With Personal PLR, you can:

  • Sell the products to your customers.
  • Modify the content and templates.
  • Use the content to build your lists!
  • Develop blogs and websites with our content.

With Extended PLR, you can:

  • Sell personal PLR licenses!
  • Create your own special offers!
  • Use as bonuses to other products!
  • Use as training tools & resources!

Personal PLR:

$57.00/one time charge

  • Personal Use
  • Sell under your name!
  • Create websites & blogs
  • Build your online empire!

Extended PLR:

$97.00/one time charge

  • Sell personal rights
  • Use as bonus items
  • Use as training tools
  • And Much More!

Choosing The Right License

If you intend to sell non-transferable (personal) private label licenses, you will want to purchase Extended PLR rights, however if you only want to sell products under your own brand without selling or distributing licenses to your customers (so they only purchase the actual products from you - not the websites or source files), you only need a personal PLR license.

If you're not sure what license is suitable for your needs, please feel free to contact our support desk and we'll be more than happy to help you get started.

Our licenses are very limited as to protect the quality of our work and our resellers, so if you want instant access to a high quality collection of PLR, don't delay! Our offer can end at any time.